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Image from page 115 of "St. Nicholas" (1873) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 115 of "St. Nicholas" (1873)

Identifier: stnicholasv9part1dodgrich

Title: St. Nicholas

Year: 1873 (1870s)

Authors: Dodge, Mary Mapes, 1830-1905

Subjects: Children's literature

Publisher: New York : Scribner

Contributing Library: Prelinger Library

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Text Appearing Before Image:

a featurejust right for the likeness ; still you ve a some-thing, somehow—-somewhere — and yet I cantplace it; it s what I call a vanishin likeness. At this the two Ds lost their eager look andburst into a hearty laugh. Hello, old Vanisher! said Donald, making asudden dive at Dorothy. Hello, old Stiff-legs! retorted Dorothy,laughing and pushing him away. Here old Nero roused himself, and growled a That picture of your ma in your room, MasterDonald, replied Lydia, has certainly a gooddeal of your look, but I cant say from my ownknowledge that it ever was a good likeness. Itwas sent over afterward, you know, and your manever was here except once, when 1 was off tocamp-meeting with Cousin Crump. Your pa usedto go to see the young lady down at her home inNew York, and after the wedding they went toNiagara water-falls, and after that to Europe.Seems to me this going out of your own country sbad business for young couples who ought to settledov/n and begin life. (Here Nero stood up, and


Text Appearing After Image:

YOLfVE HER SHINING DAKK HAIR, MASTER DONALD, SAID LIDDV. low, rumbling, distant growl, as if protestingagainst some unwelcome intruder. There, children, that s sufficient! saidLiddy, with dignity. Dont get tussling. Itis nt gcntleman-and-lady-like. Now see howyou ve tumbled your sisters hair. Master Donald,and Mr. G. s so particular. Hear Nero, too!.Sakes I it seems sometimes like a voice from thedead to hear him go that way when we re talkingof old times. Keep still, old fellow! cried Donald, play-fully. Dont you see Liddys talking to us?Well, we look like our mamma, anyway — dontwe, Liddy? his growl grew more decided.) Well, as I was saying Mercy on us ! If there is nt that man again! The last part of Lydias sentence, almostdrowned by Neros barking, was addressed to theempty window; at least it seemed empty to theDs when they turned toward it. Who? Where ? shouted Dorothy. But Don-ald sprang up from the bench, and, followed bythe noisy old Nero, ran out of the room, across thebase



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