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Image from page 513 of "Theatrical and circus life;" (1893) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 513 of "Theatrical and circus life;" (1893)

Identifier: theatricalcircus00je

Title: Theatrical and circus life;

Year: 1893 (1890s)

Authors: Jennings, John Joseph, 1853-1909. [from old catalog]

Subjects: Theater Circus

Publisher: Chicago, Laird & Lee

Contributing Library: The Library of Congress

Digitizing Sponsor: The Library of Congress



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Text Appearing Before Image:

gneous ulsters in this style.When I had the overcoat on, the attendants tied apiece of rope around my neck, a three-pound prayer-book was placed in my right hand, and a euchre deckof cards in my left. Being ready for the sacrifice, oneof the Elks was delegated to introduce me to theOrder. He took hold of the rope that hung from myneck and hauled me up to the door at which the GrandMicroscope stands guard. The candidate is ready, said the outer Spy-Glass. Let him enter ! was the Microscopes command. Trembling and helpless, I stood at last, a picture ofthe utmost ridiculousness and misery, in the presenceof the High, Mighty and Magnificent Muck-a-Muck ofthe Order. Quivering candidate! the Muck-a-Muck ex-claimed. The Elks give you greeting. Every personhere assembled stretches out his right hand to you, and 504 TUN AMONG THE ELKS. the champion Indian-Club Swinger will now give you,in one solid chunk, the congratulations of this entiregathering for the success that promises to attend your


Text Appearing After Image:

A CANDIDATE IN REGALIA. attempt to enter our Order. Club-Swinger, congratu-late ! The Club-Swinger did so. It was the most startlingcongratulation I was ever the recipient of. If a train of FUN AMONG THE ELKS. 505 cars travelling at the rate of 100 miles an hour had runinto me I could not have been more surprised. A blowthat would have made a pile driver or a quartz hammerfeel that it had no more force than the hind leg of ahouse-fly was planted on the coffin lid right over thefirst button of my vest, and for three minutes I spedthrough space. When I landed on my back I felt as ifI had run against another such blow speeding in anopposite direction to the first. Every bone in my bodywas jarred to my finger tips and toe-nails, and thewrench my neck got in the sudden stoppage gave methe impression that my spine had been all at oncelengthened out sixteen feet and was still growing. Potential Pill-Prescriber ! the High Mnck-a-Muck commanded, * examine the candidates conditionand immediatel



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