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Image from page 152 of "Comparative test of centrifugal pressure blowers" (1909) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 152 of "Comparative test of centrifugal pressure blowers" (1909)

Identifier: comparativetesto00conl

Title: Comparative test of centrifugal pressure blowers

Year: 1909 (1900s)

Authors: Conlin, W. F Holmes, W. E



Contributing Library: Paul V. Galvin Library, Illinois Institute of Technology

Digitizing Sponsor: CARLI: Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois



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Text Appearing Before Image:

T£3T0FDurFnL0 diOi^tff h//PTH OfBlrde^ PfR P/^CHPROE Duct iOJCL Pm. dLOh/£R Pulled v.z^/rf. Pjr MoTOFf Pulley i^o/n tlERii VFUjr.rrvfTfiD/U5DFD/Jt-.T ^./O/r/.3nRonETER ^9.Z. f\VERf^ I \ ^ \ :> VELO£irYhERplnln5 Of\^hter zHPlrtrrOF/liff ^THT/C hEfJP/n Ft OF/f/R PYnnn/cHFHpJ/i//^^. DfJVrtef 1^ A^*^ .i3 [i 3 .6a5 I.O& l.-^Z. 1583 35.20 Up.c ^5 \//a.eo \/xe.^5 \/^6/o i \ s?^ \ .:?s \ .5-6 .3;i /7./0 /7e2 ie.5- HEnn VELoc/TYJnPucT Vrl ue Of (^o/ifrariTtVe/6/ir/du./^r3fr//iPuc r oi/£Pf^EF pecono lbs. Ia HPmE//y/ioy/^6fJ/fi fTLB> ^X.BS \7^.35 |/. h/oFHpo/i£//inoy/r/6 /f/fr HP .077a i^sa gso? ^.l^nOF^Loy^Efr 5s ^- FkRIPHEffflLVEL.OE^LffPE^ Ft/HW 3<^-34 Nto3^ Hfa-^c, lEEI^^BCggaEiJEcaggBJi^^j^CT 7<? TORflttp Belt EFFJaer^^Y FFn frL3:5 Z091O h?^//.P .ess ■ H.T*:-j.Tiii6yjv;;sKT ABOwotra


Text Appearing After Image:

blj: DurrRLO Dlow^R P/^t/j ZtRO PR^FT 6f1VG£ .^^O \ORlFICt\ ^P£ED RPn QRUGESf HOTOR /nPUT ThnPERBlURE \Jnche3 Hotcb \BLOy/£ff PPf OucT Room ^9o Bio59o 965 /^15 9o$ ^9Z JJO^C Z7.PO 10.5 7/^ I390 /■OOO 33Z /op.^ 3^7^ -73.0 7:^0 /^Oo /.O^O 3.6$ /0330 4^.00 7;?.o 7:^0 Tedt OFDurrnLoDLowEh Loo ^h£:et no. OFdLRDE:^ —-sioeDir. Orrm Wheel ^^-Q /^- )TH0rdLF\DE5 . <^ f^-^CTIWE JtlLETFi, ^ .__ Pin. P/^ch8R6ePuct (^j£:L /7 VERHe OmncE ^q Ft. VELDC/ry hEflP/fi/rf^. CfWhter Vel ociTYtlEno/n Ft Of /?/ /f//T FtLB^. h/off



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