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The Psalmist or "Gondolier" (1974) Benno Schotz. Image 2: C21 Troy | by Internet & Digital
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The Psalmist or "Gondolier" (1974) Benno Schotz. Image 2: C21 Troy

"stick man" sculpture

The Psalmist (1974) Benno Schotz.


Is he rowing, playing an instrument or something else?

Image: C21 Troy


Schotz was responsible for the repair on the bridge sculptures at Kelvin Way after it was damaged during World War II.


Information about the artist LINK ▼


.. just a bit of research on the notion of "rowing a gondola " that i just discovered and am posting for a record of it as I belive that is what the statue represents, a man rowing a boat such as a gondola. - Troy 25th November 2016


” The Psalmist” by Benno Schotz

Benno Schotz was later given a site [20 years afte he repaired the statues of Kelvin Way Bridge ] west of the bridge by the riverbank to install his modern abstract sculpture in metal, titled “The Psalmist”, in 1974. Situated in the Tom Honeyman Memorial Garden, near the north bank of the River Kelvin. It is my belief that this modern art sculpture is actually a representation of an oarsman a “gondolier” to be specific and the sculpture is commemorating the 1888 Exhibition Of Glasgow. For the exhibition, they dredged the River Kelvin and had a gondola specially imported from Venice, as one of the attractions. used to give short pleasure cruses on the river. The gondola was driven by two gondoliers who worked in shifts and who were quite popular with visitors, who affectionately gave them the nicknames of “Signor Hokey” and “Signor Pokey”. So perhaps the sculpture could be one of those or even suggestive of a third unknown and mysterious gondolier, “Signor Cokey!” Was the title “The Psalmist” given to the piece to commemorate the artist who was renowned for his religious art works elsewhere." - Troy


Full article on "Kelvin Way Bridge – Sculpture and Symbolism" by C21 Troy at link below ▼






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