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    per request-- the ring. i never thought i'd wear a diamond, but this ring is perfect- unique and beautiful and very us. it's extra special because the engagement rings of two of our friends came from the same antique jeweler, on green st. in northampton. the ring is circa 1930. rings of this era are all handmade-- i really love the art deco setting. what i love most of all about it, of course, is the eternal reminder of our love and affection for each other. grin!

    a note on the antique ring: all along we both knew we didn't want any part of buying a new diamond. when he first mentioned the idea of an antique ring, i loved it. i'm drawn to antique and vintage items anyway, and i love the sense of history. an antique engagement ring seemed like the perfect way to find a ring that was conflict-free, unique, and fit our style. i knew all along that when we got engaged, the ring would be antique. he deserves all the credit for choosing the perfect one and devising a wonderful proposal.

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    1. morganmorrissey 92 months ago | reply

      The best is when you get under the right kind of lighting and it sparkles all over the place! haha It's beautiful!

    2. absquatulate 92 months ago | reply

      I love antique rings. you've got a great one; congratulations!

    3. NotTheDuck 62 months ago | reply

      Beautiful ring! (I found you via Meg's blog).

      I also have an antique ring, a family heirloom actually. I wanted an old ring for the same reasons as you - no new materials used.

      I'm struggling a bit now with two things:
      1) the ring needs some repairs, and the jeweller will need to add gold (I already had it re-sized bigger with new gold, and now it needs some other work).
      2) finding or designing a wedding band that matches the ring and also maintains my commitment to avoiding mined materials.

      If you ever see this comment (since I see this picture is rather old!), I'd love to hear your thoughts/experiences with those two things!


    4. nicolemperle 62 months ago | reply

      I actually ended up getting my wedding band from the same antique jeweler that my engagement ring came from. They don't match perfectly (I kind of hate matchy-matchy things anyway), but I like how they look together. You can see them here-

      and here paulandbrenda.zenfolio.com/p305757005/h16d60e86#hf3561b3

      Both rings are made of the same materials- I think that's important- if one were a harder material than the other there would be a lot of scratching and wearing down of the softer one.

      You should look around and try various wedding bands with your engagement ring-- they don't have to be a matching set to look good together!

      I've heard about people who have used old/unwanted gold from relatives to add to rings that need to be made bigger- maybe something like that could work for you?

      Good luck!

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