What's New in Gallerie M: "Logical Construction" by Tim Stoelting and Stevie Kinast
Divisions between things are what define each thing. Both artists explore the role of parameters in the construction of understanding. Whether in recording the size of physical objects, or subverting recognition of familiar words, their work offers two distinct, yet familiar voices for the importance of recognizing the shape of their knowledge.

"Logical Construction" brings these investigations together, influenced by design criticism and semiotic theory. Although abstracted from their inceptive circumstance, these influences are apparent and inform each other of human constructs that allow them to define their shape in the world. All of the work shares a similar, structural aesthetic. Clarity and precision of the message may become difficult in interpretation, but each work is simple in black and white. In this series Tim has invented the shape of nothing, while Stevie outlines the shape of content, presenting a conceptual face in a vase. This exhibition presents a point in investigation for the artists in which they imagine that the parameters of understanding are logical constructions.
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