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Carved by Time

Here is the last glow on Mesquite Sand Dunes in Death Valley. Aaron, Zack, and I decided to hike and explore the Mesquite Dunes in the afternoon of our first full day in the park. I have to admit I was the crazy one that afternoon suggesting we hit the dunes by 1pm to fully scout it for the ideal sunset spot. In actuality it does not take that long to scout and we could not tell what was going to be in shadow and what would be in light during the middle of the day. Despite that we still enjoyed a pleasant hike exploring the various sections of the Mesquite Dunes. Zack decided to climb one of the tallest dunes, we enjoyed some group martial arts photos, and Aaron had an oopsies (j/k) with his pants.


With completely clear skies I decided to focus on the glow and the shadows of the dunes as well as the fine textures shaped by the winds. Just before the sun set I scrambled to the crest of this dune ledge that leads up to one of the tallest dunes. This crest had some amazing textures and I framed my shot so that the crest line would flow through the picture and lead to the top of the dune.


After sunset we faced the worst part: hiking out of the sand dunes. Hiking out with nothing to look forward to was simply painful. By then we had been out for over 4 hours and hiked close to 4 miles. We trudged along over dune after dune and finally made it back to the parking lot. Walking through the sand, I probably had several mini-dunes of sand built up inside each shoe. I totally looked forward to dinner and a refreshing coke.


Canon 5D Mark II

EF 24-70mm f/2.8L

Hoya Pro-1D polarizer

LEE 0.6 soft ND grad filter



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Taken on February 9, 2012