Keshcorran Caves
I hope you're feeling fit and keen today, because we are going on a hike that is both strenuous and absolutely fascinating. We are taking the road from the village of Keash, County Sligo, to walk up to a series of limestone caves in the west side of Keshcorran Hill.
The weather today was quite damp, although we did manage to dodge the serious downpowers- nevertheless it was quite muddy and slippy - we had the wellies and the waterproofs on. You can see the caves from a good distance, but as you ascend up the little path, the views over the Northwest are really gorgeous- even with grey skies.
As you can imagine, these caves are OLD- with evidence of human use going back to neolithic times, and animal remains dating back as far as 10,000 BC.
Some of them are connected, with weird and wonderful passages spooking off to the darkness. These caves (naturally) feature in many myths and stories, including those of our friends in the Tuatha De Danann, Finn McCool and the ubiquitous Diarmuid and Gráinne, (more of this pair later in the week, we'll be visiting their bed.)
It was so worth the climb, and a bonus that we had them all to ourselves! Also note the lovely views over Feenagh Lough, which we decided was distinctly Ireland-shaped. Enjoy!
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