Murderhole Beach
Welcome back everyone! We had a busy few weeks here – we had our Wishboxes to pack, we have a lot of online study programs in development, and we are so pleased to be getting lots of emails asking what trips to Ireland we will be doing when travel becomes an option again, so we’ve been doing a lot of planning! We will keep you posted, but we want you to start your Ireland Trip Piggy Bank NOW because we cannot wait to get y’all over here and do this exploring and rambling WITH YOU RIGHT HERE.
Our Northwest Winter will take you around Donegal and surrounds in the months of November and December. I expect you will be surprised by the weather- we do get blue skies and sunshine on clear frosty days, but we also get a lot of low cloud, mist and rain, and a very pale sunlight that renders the bare trees as skeletal – poor things are naked as babes, but they can look very cool. The other thing we get lots of this time of year are rainbows, and I’m a sucker for the rainbow, it always seems so magical, especially around scenery like this.
Rain and mist applies a lacquer to everything, rocks and shells have a sheen, the rivers and beaches are fluffed up with foam, stones gleam in busy rivers, and mushrooms fling themselves skyward overnight… as I keep telling you, it’s always beautiful.
You’ll see that I’ve traded the hiking boots for the wellies – for sure, the ground is guaranteed to be wet, and the standard uniform is the waterproofs, the gloves, the hat, the four jackets- once we are wrapped up, we’re good to go.
So to celebrate the beginning of the Northwest Winter series-n somewhere very special. This is a tiny little cove in Donegal known as ‘Murder Hole Beach’. It has the most amazing caves, only accessible at low tide, and the greenest waves and perfect sand. I could tell you why it’s called Murder Hole Beach, but then, -well, you can guess!
Stay with us right up until Christmas Eve, we’ll do a ramble every day! Enjoy, like, share, comment, have fun!
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