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    SICK. Worked a 13 hour shift at the hospital last night and I started to feel sick. Feeling hot and was glued to the toilet.

    Figure it'll go away...take some meds this morning and go to sleep.

    Woke up feeling even worse...fever.

    Well, I've got work tonight and hopefully this doesn't screw with my focus. WHACK.

    1. GR & Dave 44 months ago | reply

      get well soon!!

    2. dxg180˚ |||| [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

      hang in there buddy...

    3. Instant Vantage 44 months ago | reply

      Thanks fellas, I appreciate it. But I think I'm about to call in sick. I feel weak and I'm a little worried that I may make a mistake with patients and meds and procedures. Thanks again, off to bed!

    4. Never Wear Them 44 months ago | reply

      Take a shot of honey and lemon.... So what my grandmother used to tell me....

    5. inaneki 44 months ago | reply

      lol those latino home remedies. vicks=mexican cure all

      hope you feel better soon though!

    6. *highlimitzz 44 months ago | reply

      The Surgeon General
      has determined...
      that illness
      is bad for your health!

    7. photoreligion 44 months ago | reply

      just do that before work, you'll feel great

    8. [the] Printer 44 months ago | reply

      Damn. Sucks dude..

    9. Franck_Michel 44 months ago | reply

      God... you look horrible buddy, not serious to work in this state, better keep the bed! But even that bad you can still make good picture, take care ;-)

    10. kPluto 44 months ago | reply

      better than having gout!

    11. adobo1200 44 months ago | reply

      damb bro, hope u get to feelin better. i HATE being sick, stuck in the house in bed

    12. Instant Vantage 44 months ago | reply

      thanks guys. appreciate it. ended up catching a virus of some sort, either from a restaurant i took my family too or a bar we celebrated my friend's bday at. either way, my ass was glued to the john, lol.

      word, having the shits > the gout! ouch!

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