The Witches at Eastgallery
A visual exploration of what might happen if the infamous Pendle Witches – hung in 1612 for crimes of witchcraft – came back.

Sarah Coleman, aka Inkymole, teamed up with New York photographer Anthony Saint James, willow artist Tom Hare and writer Ed Garland to present an intriguing and deliciously dark take on the witchhunts of the 1600s.

Unsettling photography, twisted shadowy figures and expressive type-led illustration combined in response to the wicked and uneasy ‘confessions’ of the modern-day witches, penned by Manchester-born Ed.

Here is a selection of images of the work close-up, progress as the show went up, and the show in full swing. Thanks again to the many people who came along.

East Gallery, Brick Lane, London, 28th October - 5th November 2009.
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