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October 26, 2008: Suit of the Union.

with my original plans in ruin today, i decided to do something i do very rarely, which is to buy food and rent a movie. while exploring the world wide web, i ended up watching to newest episode of the office online which had a surprise guest feature of roy (pam's ex-fiancee). i then somehow was looking up on wikipedia the actor who plays roy, whos name is david denman, to see what he had been up to since the show. turns out that david was in a 2001 movie called "out cold" where he plays a moustached gay bartender. also in this movie is your friend and mine, zach galifianakis, playing a horny drunk bearded dude who gets with a playboy playmate in a hot tub then gets himself stuck in the hot tub by... well, youll have to see it yourself. out of curiosity, i rented this movie and while the movie itself was a bit ho-hum, there are some great one liners from all the cast. and sure enough, zach himself rocks a red union suit in some of the scenes. having almost completely forgotten about my own union suit until i saw this movie, i busted it out in todays photo to show how awesome one piece of long red underwear really can be.


also, it looks like i have boobs. but this suit is pretty skin tight revealing like that. be glad that the camera cut off what it looks like downstairs.

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Taken on October 26, 2008