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Vivrant Thing

Can you believe it's just a week and a half to the next Drinking & Shooting photowalk? Yeah, me neither. Also, Wu Tang before and Santacon after. Next week is gonna be nuts!


It seems mildly egotistical to me to name a photo of myself with that title, but Tip was on when I was filling out the file info and it seemed to fit. Plus I've been staring at photos of my face for the past half hour, so I don't think ego factors into the equation at this point in time.


Please don't let me have caffeine and Nyquil together again.


Per usual, I'm renting a lens. I know I keep saying that I'm going to stop renting and start buying - and lord knows I've spent enough on rentals to at the very least get that 17-40 I've been eying - but I'm going to the desert. And I don't want to take a brand new lens to the desert. That is a recipe for heartbreak.


Anyway, I figured since I have this crazy sharp lens (the beloved TS-E 24mm) and a nifty remote (no, I don't own one of my own. shut up.), why not take a new picture for my icon?


Herein lies the problem: half my lighting gear is packed up goodness knows where. That half happens to include my softbox and my umbrella holders. Guess who rigged up a shoot-through with gaffers tape? This girl.


So the lighting, no, it wasn't the best. But it was good enough and I had a lot of fun making silly faces for the camera. I should really post a couple of the wholly unprocessed outtakes. And yeah, the noise is crazy bad. Such is ISO 2500. That's just how it goes. I could've shot it slower, sure, but I wanted to stop it down just a wee bit. f/3.5 manual focus self portrait? No thanks. I'd rather be in focus.


And I'm actually really pleased with this photo. Usually, like most people, I find something to pick at when I see myself on "film," but I mostly like how I look here. My eyebrows are a bit wonky, but they are 95% of the time anyway. There's a slight bit of cheekiness here that is just essential essential. I would not be me without that evil streak.


Pluuuus, how rad is my hat thing? Super rad.

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Taken on November 23, 2010