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The IMF/EU Delegation Known As The 'Troika' Are Back In Dublin

The IMF/EU Delegation known as the 'Troika' Are Back In Dublin


Senior officials representing the IMF, EU and ECB ‘troika’ are back in Ireland today to check progress of the €85billion bailout and the 'Enough Campaign' is calling for the cancellation of the EU/IMF deal


The IMF/EU auditors arrive in Dublin today for a 9-day review of Ireland's compliance with the bailout agreement and there was a small protest outside the Department of Finance against the visit of the delegation, known as the 'Troika'. The protest is the first of ten planned for the next ten days.


People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett had promised 10 days of protest from July 6th until the 16th. Mr Boyd Barrett promised that there would be a serious attempt to mobilise protests, like those taking place in Greece, against what he described as "this disastrous IMF-EU deal".


As fewer than 30 members of the United Left Alliance, trade unionists, special need and debt campaigners attended the protest it could not be claimed that the Irish public are keen to emulate the Greeks.


The Irish Independent reported that the IMF and EU are likely make a €9 billion profit from interest on bailout loans to Ireland. Minister Noonan said: “The total margin applying under existing arrangements could be of the order of nine billion Euro over the period.”


the memorandum of understanding between the troika and the Irish Governments mandates an huge adjustment of €3.6billion in December’s Budget, consisting of €1.5billion raised from taxes and €2.1billion saved through cuts in Government spending.


There is another event later today:


Enough Campaign Public Meeting for IMF visit

Venue details:

Gresham Hotel O'Connell St Dublin 1


7.30pm Meeting Gresham Hotel, O’Connell St. Dublin 1


Speakers: Giannis Koutras (Greek Activist), Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Jimmy Kelly, (Unite), Adrienne Murphy (Journalist & Parent of Special Needs Child), Andy Storey (Afri), Joan Collins TD, Thomas Pringle TD

Event Date:

July 6, 2011

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