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Yes For Ireland's Future | by infomatique
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Yes For Ireland's Future

Yes for the Economy


Helping member states to grow and create jobs has been a core part of the European Union’s work throughout its existence.


An integral part of this has been the fact that the EU has worked hard to reform and develop. Ireland has always been to the fore in both supporting reform and benefitting from it.


Investment, growth and job creation for Ireland are not possible without membership of a dynamic EU.


Ireland needs a reformed EU to tackle the Economic Crisis:


• Many of the biggest problems in this crisis are too big for countries to tackle alone - the last year has shown the need for an EU which can act faster and more effectively on our behalf.

• Lisbon will ensure that the EU is able to act on vital economic areas such as financial regulation, energy security and support for innovation.


Voting Yes will enhance Ireland’s ability to attract investment:


• Ireland’s attractiveness as a destination for Foreign Direct Investment stems directly form its positive approach to EU membership, which offers a secure gateway to a market of 500 million people.

• By dispelling any uncertainty about its status in Europe, Ireland will enhance its attractiveness as a destination for Foreign Direct Investment.

• At a time when competition for foreign investment is very strong, Ireland needs to show that it is fully committed to supporting a dynamic European market.


Voting Yes will help Ireland become an Innovation Hub:


• Ireland’s bid to become a centre for innovation will be greatly enhanced by voting Yes to Lisbon.

• The Lisbon Treaty pushes the EU forward in its support for high quality research and development projects.

• This will improve Ireland’s competitiveness and drive employment as Ireland strives to become a knowledge-based economy.


Voting Yes will create more trade opportunities for Ireland:


• The Lisbon Treaty will make the EU more coherent thereby strengthening its hand in external trade negotiations.

• Ireland will reap the benefits of being part of a more influential and better functioning power bloc.

• The Lisbon Treaty will improve development policies in non-EU countries. This will facilitate the opening up of more markets for EU and Irish goods.


Voting Yes will help energy security:


• The Lisbon Treaty recognises the importance of energy security and the benefits that this can bring.

• In improving its energy sources, the EU and Ireland can create cleaner, cheaper energy and create green jobs.


Voting Yes will help combat Climate Change:


• The Lisbon Treaty is the first Treaty to refer to climate change as part of the Union’s competence on environmental issues. This reference was included at the request of the Irish government and it gives the Union a specific basis for promoting environmental action against climate change.

• The fight against Climate Change is best tackled by the full strength of the EU rather than states acting alone.


Voting Yes is good for small states like Ireland:


• Provisions in the new “double majority” voting system will be weighted in favour of countries with smaller populations.

• There are also safeguards in place to prevent larger member states pushing through decisions.

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Taken on February 28, 2009