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What I read in 2012 | by poppet with a camera
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What I read in 2012

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This year I had important work to do researching the Hellboy universe and the history of the Batman. Aside from this I read a bunch of proper books too. Actually.


Highlights include ...

Walker Evans by James R. Mellow. I love Walker and this must be the definitive biography. Mellow died before he got to finish, so the book ends with chronological notes. But oddly these work quite well, a sort of 'fragments of a life' feel. Bitter sweet.

Zona by Geoff Dyer. Dirty Geoff's book about Tarkovsky's film Stalker.

New Penguin Book of American Short Stories

Constellation of Genius by Kevin Jackson A book all about the year 1922 (the birth of modernism according to crazy Ezra Pound). An embarrassingly easy read, but prob one of my faves this year.

The Galosh and other stories by Mikhail Zoschenko


Low lights ...

Ernest Hemingway and my struggle to like old punchy - I tried to read a selection of Hemingway. 'How can so many people be wrong?' was my thinking. Some of the short stories I liked a lot, but generally I don't feel him very much. Sorry, Hem.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald - So, I probably should have read this when I was 14 or something. I didn't. In the midst of the little modernism phase I had this year, I thought I best 'do' Fitz. A very readable little story, but it left me feeling a bit cold. THERE HAS TO BE MORE TO LIFE THAN THIS ~ internal scream.


New discoveries:

Cesare Pavese - one day I will have an Italians phase.

Donald Barthelme - New Yorker guy. Crazy good short stories.

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Taken on December 28, 2012