Don't Let The Music Fade....

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    1. Viewmaker ages ago | reply

      The only thing missing is a waft of cigarette smoke coursing through the image ever so gently. I saw this in A Big FaveA Big Fave

    2. Buddha's Ghost ages ago | reply

      Splendid shot!

    3. skitzogerl34 ages ago | reply

      Caught my eye right away, super shot!

      The World Through My Eyes

    4. conmike12 ages ago | reply

      Fantastic shot.Love guitar shots !!

    5. Micky** ages ago | reply

      Fantastic use of light, AWESOME!
      The World Through My Eyes

    6. Buster P Davenport ages ago | reply

      Very cool! I like how you did this!

      The World Through My Eyes

    7. jah~ ages ago | reply

      A beautiful instrument. You did it proud!

    8. Daniel Y. Go ages ago | reply

      Beautiful guitar shot!! sit back enjoy

    9. Jamey Fountain ages ago | reply

      beauty! but what's your musik fixation lately? :)

    10. My Symbiosis [deleted] ages ago | reply

      Stunning! So well done, Rain. Love the whole look :)

      Thank you for sharing!

      The World Through My Eyes

    11. Durotriges ages ago | reply

      I'll get around to taking pictures of mine one of these days too! Beautiful shot! :-)

    12. DELPHINES ages ago | reply

      Great shot !
      Beautiful composition !
      Inspired by Music

    13. nadaced ages ago | reply

      Just perfect!

    14. guckstdu [deleted] ages ago | reply

      cool one Rain, wish i had a guitar to photograph -)

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    15. tf5_bassist ages ago | reply

      Very nice... :D I can't tell what kinda' guitar it is though... Looks almost like an Ibanez Talman or something... What is it?

    16. Infinity Rain ages ago | reply

      Thank you LouAllen It's actually my 11 yr olds guitar. It's a FirstAct. *blush* But it's a realllllly sweet one. LOL

    17. tf5_bassist ages ago | reply

      hahaha... You've got to be kidding me. Wow... The only thing on there that I was thinking was questionable were the pickup covers on the humbuckers haha... Everything else looks like it belongs on a $1500 guitar. Hahaha...

      Seriously, GREAT shot. You pulled one over on me. :D

    18. P10NERO ages ago | reply

      beatifull, i love the guitar, great picture

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