Glowing coupe custom built in 1961
This is the stunning Glowing Coupe hotrod

All the pictures in this set was taken in Trondheim (Norway) during the hot august nights Amcar meet in 2009

this car was made by Sven Sandberg in 1961 in Sweden and rebuilt in 1994

Sven Sandberg is the brother of Bosse “Gamen“ Sandberg, wich arranged The Hot Rod Show in Stockholm during 1965

The car was quite a revolution in Sweden at the time and very forward thinking in its customization style compared to other custom cars from that era.

and back then it had a Glowing Pink color and smaller fenders and head lights but the cut frame style and the rest was already there.

Part and details that make out this very special car. are the following

The aft sections of the car is from a ford A model and much of the rest is from a Ford coupe 1932 model. while the Rear lights are from a Cadillac 59 model.

And the roof was orignally taken from a ford crown victoria not shure how much of the original roof that is left today.

The radiator and front fenders,headlights are all from a 1934 Hudson car

while the engine is an Chevrolet 427-V8 Engine from 1960-1970.

In the early days it had an Oldmobile V8 rocket engine 55 model the car also featured some Oldsmobile interior work in the original setup.

it is currently owned by a guy in Trondheim

if u hawe more exact or better info about this fantastic piece of automotive art feel free to contact me
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