Color ME _____.
Color Me_________.
Andy J. Miller and Andrew Neyer
We all like to have fun. We all like to play. And we all remember the simple joy of transforming black and white pages into visions of vibrant color. Humorous and welcoming, the work of Miller and Neyer connects people of all ages to fond memories of uninhibited and youthful creativity, to a time and place when the world was at the disposal of our imaginations. By inviting everyone to participate — to color — the work becomes a true collaboration, a game, and a chance for us all to harken back to our youth — something surrealist Andre Breton considered crucial to a life well-lived. “If man retains some lucidity, he cannot help turning back towards his childhood which, spoiled though it was by his trainers, seems to him to be full of charms,” Breton wrote. “Every morning children leave without anxiety. All is ready, the worst material conditions are excellent. The woods are white or black, they will never go to sleep.
Sublime is Not a Guilty Pleasure: Pieces of a Man Living Next Door to Nathaniel Hammond
Benny Sanders and Nathaniel Hammond
The world of Benny Sanders is a funny place: humorous, strange, surreal, crazy, sad, and sometimes lonely. And he often shares his real-world experiences — along with the thoughts in his head — in the virtual world, through Facebook updates and Tweets. This exhibit brings together these ideas and impressions with the street-video work of Nathaniel Hammond. Like Sanders, Hammond is an observer of Indianapolis — allowing his camera to reflect the people and energy of this city he wanders, often by bicycle. And the video by Hammond gives viewers an inside perspective of what goes on in his mind — and through his camera — on a daily basis. The exhibit also includes a book by Sanders written to commemorate the “bewildering times and awful memories” of living with a group of people next door to Hammond (one of the most inspiring people Sanders has met). The text and photos for the book come from online posts Sanders made in the last five years.
—-Curator Jim Walker
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