Tysons Corner, VA, USA
Tysons Corner is a prestigious shopping centre/mixed use facility owned by Macerich and located in Virginia.

Five garages at the Tysons Corner shopping mall are installed with Indect sensors. 7000 sensors are installed and a total of 9000 parking spaces are controlled by the Indect system onsite.

Macerich took a full precinct approach to the site. this included signage at all key intersections around the site to manage traffic.

Indect electronic LED signage is installed to guide people from the adjoining streets directly to the open parking spaces.

Special user groups include parking for:
- Tesla vehicles
- Staff
- Valet
- EV charging

Each special user group is represented by a different colored space indicator light.

Indects ultrasonic single space detection sensors are employed due to their high accuracy and low ongoing maintenance.
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