Como Park Zoo. MN, USA
The COMO Park Zoo is located in St Paul MN. Indect Parking Guidance System was installed at the Zoo to monitor the 4 existing outdoor parking lots. The system monitors approximately 700 spaces. During summer these spaces can turnover 7x a day generating over 5000 parking events.
The parking lots are spread across a large parkland area. The counts are collected from each lot and then pushed to a series of signs located at decision points on the roadway through the precinct.
All communications are achieved using a cellular wireless solution. The cellular solution is not effected by interference like regular RF and is achieving 99.9% uptime.
Counts on the LED signs are changed in real time with less than 2 seconds latency.
the city has access to see the counts in real time for traffic management purposes as well as being able to run historical reports and get real data on the parking usage of the site for future planning.
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