Faces of the First World War
These images are amongst the first items collected by IWM when it was founded in 1917 to record everybody’s experiences of the First World War.

In some cases, bereaved families donated their only photograph. Some have only a name, rank and unit.

First World War Centenary at IWM
We will be uploading new images to Faces of the First World War every weekday between now and the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the war in August 2014.

Find out more about this First World War Centenary project at www.1914.org/faces.

All of these photos tell a story. The men shown in them fought and often died for Britain and the Commonwealth.

What is their story?
The full story is not always known. We need your help to fill in the blanks. Do you have any information to add to what is already here? What more can you find out and tell us about their life?

Get involved
Add your comments, information and any links, images or text to the photos to share and remember those life stories almost 100 years after the war.

Your Faces of the First World War
Since opening up Faces of the First World War we've had a number of requests from people wishing to share First World War portraits in their possession. We'd like to invite you to do so in our new group right here on Flickr, Your Faces of the First World War

Remember them
More than 16 million people died during the First World War and we are asking the you to help us to remember them by lighting a light on our centenary wall. Your lights and your names will be projected on a new installation at our galleries at IWM London. By signing up, you are be marking your commitment to remembering the First World War and joining the centenary now. Soon we will be asking you to help us uncover millions of life stories, transcribe thousands of letters and diaries and tag some of our 1 million First World War photographs.

Please light your light now at www.1914.org/wall/
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