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30in30-12: i did have one collection | by pup707
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30in30-12: i did have one collection

for the "30 secrets in 30 days" group: i don't hold on to things too much. as a kid growing up in the military, we moved a lot, and as an adult, i've had a lot of situations in which well, i've had to move a lot. and so i've usually just gotten rid of a lot of non-essentials and kept everything down to a couple of car-loads. but when i was really little, i collected teddy bears. among them were pj, which was the very first teddy bear my biological father had bought me as a baby, and joshua, my second or third. he had a movable head and two outfits: an admiral's uniform, and a t-shirt with his picture and name on it (which is what he wore all the time). by the time i was in the fourth grade i had a huge collection of them(somewhere around twenty). every night i went to sleep with them tucked into bed with me, and every morning i made my bed and sat them on and around the pillow of my twin bed. one morning in the fourth grade i finished making my bed and sitting them around the pillow, and said "bye guys" as i left for school. when i got home, i went into my room and they were gone.

all of them.

i think i was in shock for a minute, because i didn't even put my backpack down. it didn't make any sense. was it a joke? it couldn't be my little brother. he went to school with me and came home with me. so i walked into the livingroom and asked my mom. she put down her magazine and said "well, your father and i talked about it and decided that you were too old for stuffed animals. so your father told me to throw them away." i begged her for a minute to bring them back, but she stopped me and said "the garbage men came today. they're gone, matthew." so i went into my room and sat on the bed, trying to do my homework on what seemed to be too spacious an area.

i eventually forgot about it, life happened and so on.

this is kind of a lame secret, but something about building my own teddy bear today reminded me of it.

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Taken on February 4, 2007