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What's Big And Blue, And Looks Like Something I'd Love To Jump Into?

There's just no other waterfall quite like this one in the Gorge. It really has its own unique quality. When I'm awkwardly perched on that jagged rock, never quite able to get comfortable, and refreshed by the occasional wave of spray, I often feel like I've been transported to some tropical paradise. Birds are often flying around the basin and hanging out, as I do, on other large jagged rocks. Kindred spirits wishing to glimpse a moment of beauty.


Although I was here recently with Greg, I went again last night. I thought there were good odds that the waterfall would be shrouded in shadow a couple hours before sunset. It made me think that I really ought to create a list of waterfalls that would be completely enveloped in shade later in the day. I think the list would actually be rather large. It's good to know that, even on a hot and sunny day, you can still get the light you're looking for in the Gorge.


Special thanks to Matt Abinante for providing me with directions to this waterfall a while back.

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Taken on July 7, 2012