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Assault And Battery With The Business End Of Beauty

So I'm leaving Flickr. Just like that. It seems that Flickr has term limits, and I was informed after my four year anniversary that my term is up. Well, in truth, I've been planning on leaving for about a month. The moment I had the thought of leaving, I knew it was what I wanted. Like a weight off my chest. It's amazing how a changed thought can do that to you.


You know what I love about the world of ideas, creativity, and creative ideas in practice? When someone takes their craft to a higher level and shows you something that blows you away. It doesn't matter what their discipline is. They could be a baker, musician, comedian, writer, actor, or photographer. Someone might call what they do art. Take for example one of my favourite places to eat in Portland: Pine State Biscuits. The sandwich is the Reggie Deluxe. If you've had it, you know what I'm talking about. Every single ingredient is incredible all by itself, from the biscuit to the bacon to the fried chicken to the gravy that makes you woozy with orgasmic delight. That's a work of art, my friend. Someone knew exactly how to make me feel like that, almost like they read my thoughts and emotions. Then they served it up with sweet tea for the final knockout punch just to prove how powerful they were. All of a sudden, you're Sonny Liston down on the canvas while Muhammad Ali stands over you victoriously in that famous shot everyone knows. That's powerful.


I'm not here to tell you that what I do is art. Although I would tell you that I've achieved it on maybe five occasions : ) I do think I know what pretty is and how to achieve it in photography. Of that, I'm confident. I can get into the ring with anyone and hold my own. Considering the talent out there, that may sound like an arrogant statement. And I'm fine with that.


I know I mentioned quite a while ago that I wanted to make a living with my photography. I also told you that I'd keep you updated. Well, life became very busy and complicated shortly after I made that statement and my plans were put on hold. In that time, I realized that photography wasn't the end goal for me. It's something I love, think about a lot, and still plan on turning into my profession for a few years. I don't know what life has in store for me after that, but I feel like it's just one of the paths I'll walk down for a while.


Specifics. Maybe you're wondering about that. People have asked. I bought a small amount of studio equipment recently. I still have to take the time to learn it all. It's very new to me. Completely different and exciting. I'll be doing a little portrait work and see what lies down that road. I'll try stock photography of various subject matter as well. I also really want to either have a book and/or calendar of Japanese Maple photos. I'd really like to show people just how beautiful they can be. I think they'll be surprised. I have a rather large list of japanese gardens written down that I plan on taking a tour of this fall.


That's it, in a nutshell. I feel like I need to leave Flickr to pursue these goals. Sometimes I feel like I've confined myself to a certain style of photography on Flickr. Sometimes I feel like I'm trying to people please too much. I feel like I've only expanded within a certain range here. I want to break away from these limits. And if for no other reason, I just need a change.


To my friends, I'll still shoot with you because it's so much fun and I enjoy spending time with you. I know that a big part of going out on a shoot with a group of people is being able to see everyone's photos after we get together. Since I won't be posting anymore, I don't yet know how I'll share what I've taken, but I'll figure it out.


To everyone, it's been an incredible four years here on Flickr. I've felt like I've shared the best of who I am in words and pictures. I also feel like I've seen the best of many of you as well. Sometimes it's blown my hair back. Although I won't be posting anymore pictures, I'll still occasionally check in on many of you to see what you're up to. I'll also still make it out to many meetups because I have such a good time and enjoy talking about photography with all of you. So, this is just a small goodbye. I'll still be around.


In regards to this picture, if this composition looks a little familiar, I took a similar picture last spring with completely different colours.


Also, here's a video I shot at the Japanese Garden the day I took this. For the Flickr On Location group.


I wish all of you the very best in life. Take care.





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Taken on October 30, 2008