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Do You Omega?

Jenna, Luke, Victor, and I headed up to Rowena Crest after light painting the abandoned hydroelectric power plant. We had been planning this for months. Finally, the conditions were right. It was fascinating. I was a little tired and cold, but after the first decent shot, I was amped.


Looking over the edge, I said to Victor, "Can this be done? Do we have enough light?" Victor didn't seem too concerned. We had moonlight, but not a full moon. There were a few clouds here and there as well. All I know is, I looked over the edge and saw blackness, vague tree shapes, and a dimly lit road. Let me tell you how dark it was out there. This was shot at ISO 400, f/4, and exposed for 7.5 minutes. I was blown away when I saw the LCD the first time when I exposed for 8 minutes. Somehow, the sensor pulled from the darkness vibrant greens and warm colour from the rock face in the distance It was a "Holy shit!" kind of revelation. That changed everything for me. It was like this: Do you know when you go to bed at night and, when you first turn off the light, it's completely dark and you can't see anything? But then, after a couple minutes you can see shapes in the room pretty well, but it's still mostly dark. Well, imagine your vision getting better and better over the course of 8 whole minutes, not just a couple minutes and then ceasing to get better. That's what it's like, and it was an eye opener.


But rather unexpectedly, the shoot was over when a car pulled into the parking area where we were shooting from. At first, I think we thought it might either be a cop or just someone turning around. Well, they were neither. They parked just a little ways away on the other side of the parking lot, shut off their lights, didn't get out, or turn on their dome light. We were a little spooked. Mind you, this was 12:40 in the morning. Who knows what the hell they were up to. Could have been anything, but we weren't taking any chances. We raced to our cars with our equipment and headed out of there as we drove by the parked vehicle.


All in all, it was a great night out with friends. Special thanks to Victor and Luke for driving around the loop a few times so I could take this shot. Oh, and make sure to check out Victor's excellent shot from this evening. It's the best photo I've seen of this loop lit up at night.

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Taken on May 3, 2009