'Bolo Rojo' Theremin Project
We built a theremin into an old "Boom Ball" portable CD player.

The player was made by Memorex back in the early aughts. We've pulled the guts out and are using all the openings left behind for the theremin controls and output jacks.

The antennas are polished 3/16 brass rods with brass disks and steel balls to finish the exposed ends.

The antenna mounts are made from 3/4" aluminum bar stock and the antenna lock screws are made from computer mouse balls with short lengths of 1/4-20 rod set into them. We've reinforced the inside of the housing with wooden cross members as the plastic is too thin to support the antennas (and their mounts) directly.

We're using PAiA Theremax electronics.

UPDATE: The PAiA electronics sound great! The kit went together flawlessly and worked from the get-go. Tuning took all of 5 minutes.

PS: I couldn't be happier with PAiA and Scott- they'll be getting more of my business, for sure!
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