Conservation of Autumn Landscape, Red Trees by T.C. Steele November 2011
Preserving a Legacy: Conservation of T.C. Steele landscape, "Autumn Landscape, Red Trees"

T.C. Steele’s Autumnal Landscape, Red Trees is just one of the many landscape murals that adorned the walls of Wishard Hospital. The murals of were originally painted between 1914-1916 in the Burdsal building.. Throughout the decades, the building sustained structural problems and several water leaks damaged the murals. In 1967, the murals underwent a restoration attempt where they were removed from the walls. The process of removing the murals caused several damages and tears that were subsequently covered by excessive filling and overpainting. The following images tell the story of the IMA’s conservation of the Wishard Hospital Murals, which has taken place from 2004 to the present.
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