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6/52 my happy place

you know how when you're sad for whatever reason people say to you to think about your happy place? well, i found my happy place in Bahamas :) <3 and yes this specific place is my new happy place...


it's funny, valentine's last year i was in cold Paris and this year in freaking warm and beautiful Bahamas <3 and as cliche as it sounds i found a valentine in this lonely but amazing place, someone that has been there since the beginning and will be with me until the end... MYSELF. sounds stupid enough? i don't give a &*%$ :) being in this place really opened my eyes and changed my view about being alone... to be honest it is few the people who are at peace with themselves and who find that the key to love beyond our knowledge is to love ourselves first. yes we've all heard that before but do we really pay attention to the words or even know the meaning of them? blah, not really... but oh well i think i have spoken too much! :)


hope you all had a great valentines and are having a fab week <33


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Taken on February 14, 2011