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28/52 it feels like...

wow, what an amazing week ladies an gentlemen =)

Disney world was amazing and if you wanna see the photos click here

i really didn't take that many and they weren't that good coz i had suuuuch a great time that i completely forgot i had my camera =P


Anywho, i'm moving to London in August hahaha i've said it for the 100000th time lol but im soooo excited and yet feeling a bit nostalgic... sigh... i'm happy though! =)


mm... what else? oh oh i'm gonna go skydiving this weekend woot woot hahaha =D yaaay for flying hahaha! =)


aaaah i hope you like this! i kinda do =) hehe


i hope you're all doing great!

tell me what you been up to?

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