• not a great photo, it's over-exposed and the noise is terrible... oh well, i couldn't care less, i just wanted to get some feelings out.
  • sometimes it's not how perfect a photo is, but what it conveys. i love it. - Mr is Me
  • I was recently going through old photos too.
    I agree- the past does make us who we are. But it's also important to not get too caught up in the past just because looking back won't make a good step into the present, you know? I guess balance is key :) Hope you are well <3 - lauren.eliza
  • pretty eyes, scarleth :)
    I miss talking to you..
    hope you are well <3 - Blodel Donavan
  • nice details, cant comment on this pic? - s0ulsurfing
  • Time passes so incredibly fast...... can't believe I'm turning 20 in December. Feels like yesterday I was only 14 and got a bellybutton:/ - NorwayNatasha
  • Neato selective coloring! Happy weekend! - lucyd*
  • Hi, 19-year old Scarleth - Helga Weber
  • thank you sweetie! msg me =) and i'll answer!
  • yeh i decided to remove comments from this! lol
  • awww lauren! =) you're so right! although it was good for me to remember i guess =)
    i like going thru old stuff every once in a while!
  • Nat!!! omg you're 20!? i mean you're turning 20!? how cute hehe =) we're almost the same age well i'm 2 years older than you! this year i turn 22!
  • Hi Hot Stuff.
    Doesn't time fly when you're having fun. - behere_now
  • love love the selective coloring here! - Liz is moving!
  • love your dress! =) - neuza teixeira
  • it's actually a shirt =) <33 thank you!

just remembering how it used to be

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incredibly old shot... taken somewhere in 2007... i was 19 for crying out loud!

sigh. i dunno why i was looking thru old photos and i found stuff that really made me miss people that now are gone.

just posted this coz that was the camera that i used before my D90...

and like some say: part of where I'm going is knowing where I'm coming from.

and i'm proud from i come from... and i'm not just talking about my camera.

have a good night everyone.

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  1. beth retro 70 months ago

    that nailvarnish makes this work so much
    love love love <3
    i hope you're well love :)
    you're looking beautiful as always! x

  2. mojodale 70 months ago

    its all about the content of the photo.. i love the selective colouring

  3. crustydolphin 70 months ago

    ah poiint and shoots...its great to look back and see how we used to shoot isnt it. *waves*

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