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18/52       fuuuuuuuuck! | by Scarleth Marie
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18/52 fuuuuuuuuck!

first of all i'd like to apologize for my language in advance!


this is by far the WORST week of the year!

omg my graduation has been cancelled =(

and now they dont even know when the ceremony is going to be!


i fucking hate this, i heard that they were moving the date to july something! and now my best friend is not gonna be here, coz she's moving to virgina in june! then my vacations are screwed up coz i was supposed to leave the country in july! now i have to explain at work that i dont want the vacations that i was supposed to take this weekend and cancel tickets to miami! how fucked up is that? they ruined all my plans for the next couple months!!!!!!!


i was so excited! i wanna cry so bad but i can't i dunno why! tears just wont come out! im so frustrated/angry/sad/confused/disappointed!


fuuuuck! i hate this photo, i hate the editing (which sucks butt), the colours are horrible and i dunno i just i hate this moment right here right now! i just wanna scream my lungs out!


im sorry! im being such a drama queen! but that's just how i feel right now and that's how i will stay for at least 24 hours lol (im not really laughing though).



fuck this week!


btw that dress im wearing was the one that i was going to wear on grad day! =( aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


I can't believe today i was so happy to take photos with my gown and everything and in just one moment all changed... i guess that's just how life is.


it'll pass it'll pass it'll pass! i promise! IT WILL! ='(

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Taken on April 29, 2009