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i was just thinking...


So… it’s 1:31 a.m. Nica time.


I got a job, and i’m starting next Monday and i am just terrified. Last year of university and it scares the hell out of me you know, “the real world”. I’m so used to having everything so easy, and I’m just thinking on how I will adjust to the new change.

The happy part is that I’ll be getting my D90 soon =) coz I will have enough money in one month!


I’m sorry for all the self-portraits lately, it’s getting boring lol.


I haven’t been taking lots of photos lately and I’ve been thinking way too much about my future… I wanna move to the UK, to be more specific I wanna go to the University of Plymouth! And I’m already filling my application so we’ll see how that goes.


Oh God this is so boring, I’m sorry if you read this. I’m just out of ideas plus sad/scared/pensive/tired/bored/notsleepy/damn.


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Taken on November 9, 2008