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    So… it’s 1:31 a.m. Nica time.

    I got a job, and i’m starting next Monday and i am just terrified. Last year of university and it scares the hell out of me you know, “the real world”. I’m so used to having everything so easy, and I’m just thinking on how I will adjust to the new change.
    The happy part is that I’ll be getting my D90 soon =) coz I will have enough money in one month!

    I’m sorry for all the self-portraits lately, it’s getting boring lol.

    I haven’t been taking lots of photos lately and I’ve been thinking way too much about my future… I wanna move to the UK, to be more specific I wanna go to the University of Plymouth! And I’m already filling my application so we’ll see how that goes.

    Oh God this is so boring, I’m sorry if you read this. I’m just out of ideas plus sad/scared/pensive/tired/bored/notsleepy/damn.

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    1. ^Deven^ 78 months ago | reply

      congrats for new job n in advance for camera too !!

    2. Adam Foster Photography 78 months ago | reply

      Congrats on the new job, hope its going well! I am in my last year of University in the UK, I am stressed with the pressure of this year - looking forward to taking a break next May when I graduate!

      Seen in some comments. (?)

    3. s0ulsurfing 78 months ago | reply

      congrats on the job, and good luck with the uni application, why did you choose plymouth out of the whole world?

    4. Neticola 78 months ago | reply

      Great shots! Thanks for share with us. ;-)

      You are invited to join and add your photo to the
      Nikon D90 group

    5. Scarleth Marie 78 months ago | reply

      oh Adam i feel ya... uuugh all the pressure is driving me insane... i slept at 5am =( and i just woke up! i for sure will be taking a breat after i graduate in may too! =) what part of the UK do you live? and thanks a lot.

      Thank you i really hope i get accepted. Well i chose Plymouth cause it seems like a great place to live and it's right in front of the beach which is amazing, and i always wanted to the UK and of all the universities i saw Plymouth was the one that i liked the most. oh oh and by the way i wrote you a testimonial lol! =)

      Thank you Raul! =)

    6. Dundee Don 78 months ago | reply

      You will love the real world - firstly you will have money! which I never had as a student. If you come to the UK let Rosie and me know - Plymouth is far but I am sure you would like to take pictures of Scotland!

    7. Scarleth Marie 78 months ago | reply

      Thanks Andy for all the support =) you're so nice!
      and if i do go to the UK i will let you know for sure... i'd love to take photos of Scotland plus i'd be meeting you and Rosie =D

    8. lizardking_cda 78 months ago | reply

      I hope that everything will be fine in this job and that you'll be able to sleep ;-).
      And good luck for Plymouth !

      PS : that's true there is the sea at Plymouth but it's a little bit cold :-p.

    9. Scarleth Marie 78 months ago | reply

      Jean-Marc! thank you for your comment and yeah i know Plymouth might be a little bit cold lol... but i guess it'll be a new change!
      and still no sleep for me but oh well... hopefully next week lol! =)
      thanks a lot!

    10. Adam Foster Photography 78 months ago | reply

      Sure it will be worth all the stress in the end tho!
      I am at uni in Huddersfield, its cold, wet and dark all winter!

    11. Point & Shoot wonderboy 71 months ago | reply

      I like this, nice perspective!

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