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    several new vids up at oathkeepers sent in by vets --MUST SEES!
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    Oath Keepers is an association of currently serving military, veterans, and peace officers who will fulfill the oath we swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help us God.

    Our oath is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and we will not obey unconstitutional (and thus illegal) and immoral orders, such as orders to disarm the American people or to place them under martial law and deprive them of their ancient right to jury trial.

    We Oath Keepers have drawn a line in the sand. We will not “just follow orders."

    Our motto is “Not on our watch!”

    If you, the American people, are forced to once again fight for your liberty in another American Revolution, you will not be alone. We will stand with you.

    There is at this time a debate within the ranks of the military regarding their oath. Some mistakenly believe they must follow any order the President issues. But you can rest assured that many others in the military do understand that their loyalty is to the Constitution, and understand what that means.

    The mission of Oath Keepers is to vastly increase their numbers. We are in a battle for the hearts and minds of our own troops. To win that battle, Oath Keepers will use written and video testimony of active duty military, veterans (especially combat vets), and peace officers to reach, teach, and inspire our brothers in arms in the military and police to fulfill their oaths and stand as guardians of the Republic.

    If you are currently in the military, are a veteran, or are a peace officer, please submit your written and/or video testimony on your oath, so you can help us win that battle for hearts and minds. Your submission may be anonymous.

    Guardians of the Republic, fulfill your oath. Join us.

    What We Are Not

    We are Not advocating or promoting the overthrow of
    any government whether local, state or national.
    We want our governments to return to the Constitutional
    Republic which the Declaration of Independence and the
    Constitution defined and instituted.

    We are Not advocating or promoting violence towards any organization, group or person.
    We are determined to Keep our Oath to support and
    defend the Constitution.

    We are not advocating or promoting the removal of any person from his or her elected office.
    We want all elected persons to live up to their Oath to
    "support and defend the Constitution" as it is written or to leave of their own volition.

    We are not advocating or promoting that anyone in the Judicial Branch be removed or replaced.
    We want the Justices in the Judicial Branch to follow
    the Constitution as written without interpretation.

    We are not advocating or promoting any particular
    form of government other than the Constitutional
    Republic which the Declaration of Independence and
    the Constitution defined and instituted.

    We are not advocating or promoting the rewriting of
    the Constitution nor are we asking for an Amendment thereto.
    We are insisting on the Constitution being Enforced as it is written.

    We are Not advocating or promoting any act or acts of aggression against any organization or person for any
    reason including, but not limited to; race, religion,
    national origin, political affiliation, gender or
    sexual orientation.

    We hope for a return to a Constitutional Republic free from fear and hatred. We hate only tyranny.

    We are Oath Sworn Americans who want the Constitution returned to its legal and rightful place, intact, as the ultimate Law of the Land.

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    1. illuminating9_11 60 months ago | reply

      Jack McLamb - Police & Military Against the New World Order
      Taking our oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution" seriously.

      -- Officer Jack McLamb said he is updating his Operation Vampire Killer sometime this early summer: www.jackmclamb.com/ (look for it in box on left)

      Our association's singular goal is to prevent our brothers and sisters in uniform from being unwittingly used to enslave the people of free nations under the anti-God, anti-Freedom (United Nations-led) world government system.

      We understand two most important points concerning the globalists' plan:

      They intend to gain, through any available means, total dictatorial control over all the peoples of the world.

      They cannot realize their goal if their would-be enforcers (we police and soldiers) refuse to assist them in their treachery.

      * Aid & Abet 115 Patrick Henry Ct, Kamiah, Idaho - 83536 Tel: (208) 935-7852
      Jack's a great guy, met him once, Kamiah is wonderful little town in S. Central Idaho.

    2. mrboo7564 55 months ago | reply

      I have both military and police officers in my family and I couldn't be more pleased than I am right now. After hearing about this website on Coast to coast am I came to see what it's all about. All I can say in times like this is Awesome!! Keep up the great work.

    3. illuminating9_11 55 months ago | reply

      Thank you very much, Mr Boo.
      I can't say I am pleased with the NWO agenda much, but am glad that many of our PEACE officers are honoring their oath to the Constitution and will refuse orders that break their vow.

      I spread oathkeepers site far and wide when I first learned of it.
      There are some powerful videos on their site from people like you.
      Thanks again.

    4. illuminating9_11 54 months ago | reply

      Rage Grows in America: Anti‑Government Conspiracies
      [:Threepercenters. ]

      ADL Calls Alex Jones “Conspiracy King,” Insinuates He Should be Removed from Society


    5. gnjrtsjh 26 months ago | reply

      If there is a "debate in the...military regarding their oath," then those individuals need to be culled out, put out, and ignored. The president is their CIC, period. There is no argument. Civilians may take the luxury of debating supposed illegal acts, unfair laws, irresponsible legislation, etc, but soldiers may not. Until the day comes when a company of Infantry is told to shoot at civilians on Main Street, allll the talk is just that..and inflammatory scare-talk that is divisive, deconstructive, and unhelpful in any way. One can call it being vigilant and cloak their views under the guise of patriotism, but history shows it for the fear-mongering that it truly is. Vigilence is good. Treasonous views should be brought ito the light for what they are. It's a very thin line, folks. Don't support this group. Think for yourself.

    6. Cherokeeon 26 months ago | reply

      Very nice speech. I believe Stalin used words like those before he started culling out the people that disagreed with him. The people in the service still have the right to express themselves. It's not communist run country yet, and with men and women willing to protect and defend the Constitution it looks like it will never be. God Bless the defenders of the Constitution. The oath we swore to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic does mean something. We are thinking for ourselves as were the great men who wrote and signed the Constitution. To defend against enemies, foreign and domestic, even if domestic means the unlawful orders of a president. The title of commander in chief does not give you or anyone the right to ignore the law. It would be wise indeed to be suspicious of anyone who puts an office ahead of the Constitution, and wonder just what their real objectives are.

    7. andrewgabrielrose 25 months ago | reply

      Yeah I bet this oath won't stop any cops from gleefully smashing peaceful protesters to pieces and violating their constitutional right to assemble and speak publicly.

      You won't disarm citizens? How about attacking and brutalizing already unarmed citizens?

      You don't want any amendments to the constitution? This particular version is the one that got it perfect? This oath is baloney. Who buys this crap?

    8. marcy_dunlap 6 months ago | reply

      I would like to thank you for being out there to protect my family. I was worried that you would be brain washed by the government and help destroy your own country if asked by Obama(satan). God help US ALL to make it right again.

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