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Michiko @ Mayakan / マヤカン / 山永みちこ | by Ilko Allexandroff / イルコ・光の魔術師
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Michiko @ Mayakan / マヤカン / 山永みちこ

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Some more shots from 摩耶観光ホテル a.k.a. マヤカン、Maya Hotel


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580EXII with a 80x60 softbox - Outside of the window

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Here is the first photoshoot I did at Mayakan (摩耶観光ホテル a.k.a. マヤカン、Maya Hotel) Before the day before we didn't even know where the location is and how to go there, only some unconfirmed data from the Internet, so one day before that shoot me and the model Michiko Yamanaga went for searching in the Maya Mountain. We read different articles of people who could go there for 1-2 hours, and decided to follow their route. Well, wasn't all that easy, after 4-5 hours in the mountain, I almost felt we're not gonna find anything, and next day's photoshoot would fail. And here it was, a small path, saying "Entry Forbidden". "Ok, Last try!" we thought! after another hour in that path (can't even say it's a path, because we had to fight with trees and bushes all the time) there it was! I can't describe the pleasure I felt after we arrived at the Mayakan! 6 hours!


Second day, time to shoot, we calculated from the previous day that if we don't do the mistake we did, we might be able to get to the Mayakan for about 3 hours! Which makes it pointless to do any make up before climbing, but the make-up girl was busy to climb with us, that's why we did it down, and just had some fix up there!


And yeah, really this time took is "only" 3 hours, and we only had about an hour and a half to stay there, so had to shoot pretty fast!


One more thing I need to mention, we went there 4 people, 2 designers and the model, all except me girls, took is about 6 hours in the mountain fighting with cobwebs, bushes and trees, and for all that time I didn't hear any complain from any of them! Really great team to work with!


I will upload some shots from the hotel itself in the first comment, but Maya Kanko Hotel is an abandoned hotel, in the mountains of Kobe, and it's prohibited to go there. It's been working until 1994, and since then almost 20 years is still there in the mountain, without any maintenance.


摩耶観光ホテル a.k.a. マヤカン、Maya Hotel




Wikipediaによると、摩耶観光ホテル(まやかんこうホテル)は、かつて神戸市灘区の摩耶山中腹に存在したホテル。 ケーブル会社の福利厚生施設として営業開始した時は摩耶倶楽部(補足参照)[1]、第二次大戦前から戦中にかけては摩耶ホテルや摩耶山温泉ホテル・摩耶山温泉、戦後の改装後は摩耶観光ホテルや摩耶国際観光ホテル、ホテル閉鎖後の1970年頃から1994年頃まで摩耶学生センター等と呼称された。また摩耶観光ホテル・摩耶学生センターの頃から、マヤカン(摩耶観光ホテルの略語)という俗称でも呼ばれている。





Michiko Yamanaga / 山永みちこ


日本で活躍中のモデル、山永みちこです。スチールモデルやファッションショーだけでなく、手のパーツモデルもこなす、マルチモデルです。代表作はSONY一眼カメラ「α」CM。モデル業で様々なファッションを学び、現在はアクセサリーブランド「COCO SUNNY」を手掛けています。






This is one of the first shots I had with Michiko, and for quite short period of less than a month I think I had about 15 shoots with her, so she is one of the great models I have really good communication with!


Designer: Shimpo-san, making really cool denim jeans clothes, soon gonna upload some more photos with a different one!


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Taken on August 6, 2011