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a very attractive rooster

Here's the story: our chickens have been broody for the last month or so. Since we only have two hens, the whole hatching-eggs thing was not going to be very successful, but they would not hear that from me.

So when I went to Holland for a short trip some weeks ago, Reinard offered me some of his, fertile, eggs. I took six of those eggs back to Ireland and put them under our chickens the next day.


That was the day our chickens decided they were no longer broody, and they did not care for sitting inside all day- thank you very much. I took his picture of Reinards cockerel while I was over, and I thought a picture of this good-looking bird next to their perch would get our girls back on those eggs in no time. But alas: while they appreciated the kind gesture, their desire to hatch some eggs was gone. I guess we'll be trying again next year..

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Taken on June 5, 2007