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Nothing ever tasted better

Than those times my dad and I

Would dress up freshly picked tomatoes

In fashionable hats made out of feta.


Our days were rainbows of balloons

we'd blow them up with giggles,

and a thousand pretty wishes

And all I ever wanted

was allowed.


Oh, mom's adoring eyes...


She'd fill

With me

Her every sun and moon...


Her every blink vibrated what I could be

Her life was always breathed into mine

And no one else again will ever be her.


I hold on tight, too tight...


I'm scared to be grateful for this love

Because I'd have to think

of what I'd lose...


I'm rich with it... but then, so Scrooge-ly stingy


'Cause should I ever fall from their arms

I'll fall down very,




And die.


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Taken on April 25, 2009