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Jupiter_072321 | by horizon_productions_sfl
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Jupiter, the 5th planet, is growing larger in our sky as we approach opposition in August. This was my first time capturing the Great Red Spot since July 2019. The GRS is the largest storm in the Solar System, with a diameter larger than Earth. Wind speeds in the storm peak at 268 mph (432 km/h).


Two of Jupiter's moons are also visible in this shot: Europa (closer to the planet) and Io (further). Jupiter has 80 known moons and a faint ring system. Its atmosphere is separated into several bands at different latitudes, resulting in turbulence and storms along the boundaries.


5000 x 1/100 second ISO6400 (best of 7,281)

Phase angle: 5.8°

Apparent magnitude: -2.78

Apparent diameter: 48"

Distance from Earth: 4.126 AU

Atmospheric seeing: 4/5

Coral Springs, FL


Camera: Canon T3i (stock / unmodified / unmodded DSLR)

Telescope: Explore Scientific ED80 f/6.0 Apochromatic Refractor

Barlow: Antares 3x Triplet Barlow (effective magnification is 4.932x for 2373mm focal length at f/29.66)

Mount: Orion Sirius EQ-G

Captured with Magic Lantern RAW Video (10 bit, 30 FPS, 640 x 426)

Processed with MLV App, PIPP, AutoStakkert! 3 (with 3x drizzle), PixInsight, and Paint.NET

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Taken on July 23, 2021