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Ruler - INCOMPETENT MANUFACTURERS | by Biking Nikon Maui
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Ruler … Why mark mm (millimeters - which aren't numbered) and not the cm (centimeters - which are numbered)? Labeling the 1 as "1 cm" would help a student understand that the numbers refer to the largest markings while the mm refers to the smallest markings. (See neighboring photos). Especially this one. Why manufacturers seem to be STUPID, INCOMPETENT, or both.


But I should add that they at least used the correct mm (millimeter) abbreviation rather than MM as I have seen on other rulers! AND they positioned the "mm" relatively well.


I originally took the picture as part of a worksheet to help my students distinguish between imperial and metric measurement. Many tended to get confused, thinking the mm indicates that the numbers are millimeters. So now I look at such loose labeling as a symbol of the incompetence of ruler manufacturers. Usually these same rulers mark the other side as "inches" and the inches are numbered. So why do they mark the metric side "mm" when they number the centimeters??!!


I'd rather they put cm after the number 1, and shrink the mm and nestle it down next to the mm markings, between zero and 5mm. The way they have it is just too ambiguous, especially for people who struggle with the metric system.


For the life of me, I cannot figure out why this picture has more than a couple of views. I put it up more as a joke. If you feel like it, let me know why you are looking at it.


And although it took a few years, it is fun to see a photo reach 25,000 views though it lacks a scantily clad (or un-clad) woman.

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Taken on August 8, 2006