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135/365 ~ I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by thingamijig.


(Oh oh. And now? I’d prefer to know 16 things about other people without giving away any of my own, but I suppose that’s not really fair. ;o)


So here are 16 things about me!


I’m 38. I was born in Monza (near Milan).

I live in a smalltown near Senigallia, a little town on the Adriatic coast. Now I know my neighbors.

I love animals. All. So I HATE people who ill-treat animals: they’re miserable, cruel and stupid person.

My very favorite food is potatoes. And pizza. And pasta. And and and… ahem.

I love the sea and sun on my skin and tan (love love love summer!!).

I'd like to know more about photography, I am an amateur but I really like my Canon!

Dislike: being called Mrs, a growing awareness that its time to do only the right thing ;o)

I love the freedom to do what I want to do.

The Goal: spend new year's eve in an exotic location. But not tomorrow. sic.

I don’t like Mr. Know-all.

I am always in the mood for more shoes… always.

I hate the growing awareness that there really isn't enough time.

Purple is my favourite colour.

I’m a great aunt!

I love to travel, either alone, with friends, or with my family. But when I can' t travel, I like to be a tourist in my own town.

I’ve always wanted to send a message in a bottle, might do it one day.


(special thanks to my friend francesco12corde for this shot.)


And now... TAG 6 people!! yeah.

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