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Oh, Spring! (tagged)

Ok, guys, thank you for tagging me again and again! :)

(by some awesome people (check them out!) like




Just Believe

beauty is skin deep


deep idea)

And I was really careful and ambitious about choosing which ones to tag, you REALLY SHOULD check their streams out!


So here goes 10 things about me ---


1) It annoys me when people do not answer on flickr mails and do not respond on comments. Like, seriously, is there a person or just a lens?

2) When I look at your photostream, I will check the first, the second and then the last page. This is really interesting, to see where you have begun.

3) I love 80's music, maybe that's why I so try to make my photos as old-school as possible.

4) Usually when I'm making these kind of lists, it makes me think about myself a lot and I in the end come up with waaay more than just 10 things.

5) I sing along as loud as I can if the music is loud and if I love the song. (Well who doesn't?)

6) Kwak beer is the best beer you can buy in the Netherlands (ok, but it's Belgian beer, whatever).

7) When I like something I usually get totally obsessed with that. Usually for few days, though.

8) When I have an idea I better use it right away, otherwise.. yeah, you may have a clue what happens.

9) I love to receive letters. You know, handwriting. Electronic are ok as well, I usually am very happy, kind of exciting to open- you never know what's in there. Handwritten letters, that is something so so so special nowadays. I love paper and handwriting. This is so under appreciated. ('cmon, guys!)

10) I will tolerate with everyone, except the intolerant.

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Taken on April 12, 2011