Monaco 2009
I had a couple of hours spare in Monaco in October 2009 while attending the Global eCommerce Summit. Wonderful, riviera autumnal weather (ie glorious summer in UK terms) and luckily the Leica M6 in my handluggage, the Rokkor 40mm f2 bolted to the front and my new equal-favourite film, Fuji 160C in my pocket.

I was in a streets & pavements kinda mood, and the light was great for that. These scans are unadjusted and from the good folk at

Very impressed with the Rokkor lens and the abundance of textures and tones really shows the lens at its best, while the grain and tonality of this film is just delicious.

Back to Monaco: odd little place. Walkable end-to-end in an hour or so, and madly clean, uniform and polite, if not exactly friendly. Has a mildly faded feel about it, but bursting through is the pressure-wave of affluence and just-restrained consumption. Not sure if it's a haven or a prison, but for a couple of days it was a lovely backdrop to a conferece and a wildly safe place to wander and squint at the reflected glare from the marinas and spotless pavements.
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