Paris 2009
First trip to Paris this year - speaking at the ACSEL conference on Social Media and eCommerce.

Took the opportunity to dump the digital for a couple of days and took the newly-acquired Minolta CLE with its nice little 40mm f2 lens. No attachments, no other lenses, no zoom - nothing. Working with available light means (joy of joys) fast films with their big grain characteristics. This time out it's the Fujicolour Pro 800z film - big, but even grain and a lovely cool tone that suited the overcast weather. Partnering this was the Fuji Neopan 1600 B&W film. Stunning.

2 days' wait and Panther Professional had developed and scanned the films and, as they say, here we are.

A fun afternoon's and night's wandering in Paris, with the images capturing that grainy, winter, cold feeling and my eyes very much looking at the floor, street furniture, the play of light on walls and textures that would suit the grain.

I love film! I love Paris. What a joy to have both for an afternoon.
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