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Hanging with Convinction


When you believe in what you do, it does not matter what you have hanging on the balance.

Trust in yourself.




Results of a photoshoot from Yesterday. Took some meditative time yesterday post-shoot to cool down, relax and edit. It's been a while since I've had the chance to sit down and get some nice relaxing editing down...


The shoot was a pretty wild one and we're going to have an amazing video prepared for you guys reasonably soon (though it might be ready only after we've begun our eurotrip to be honest!) 


This shoot was thrown together in less than two weeks. Suntory, a male stripper, sent me a short facebook message asking me what my rates were. I told him that I couldn't tell him a fixed rate unless I had a better idea of what he was looking for. He replied saying that he wanted photos of himself, dehydrated, hanging from chains with tar pouring down on him. My reply? Sounds AMAZING, I'll do it for free. Why? Because I would much rather someone worry about paying for the most awesome photoshoot ever than paying for my rate. 


We took his budget and re-invested it straight into the photoshoot. We had a custom metal bar built with welded hooks that could support over a 1000 pounds of massive metal chains we rented from a traction-chain warehouse. We rented out a friend's loft for the afternoon and put the whole thing together in about 3 gruesome hours of hard work (you try hanging 200 pound chains from an 18 foot high ladder!) 


Jessica Renahan, an amazing makeup artist who I collaborate with regularly put together a custom mixture of oil paint, charcol and vasoline that we buttered onto our heroically dehydrated stripper. Although we did encounter some technical diffculties here and there we did end up with some pretty amazing stuff.


Be sure to check back for the BTS video. We hung a GoPro from the cieling with the help of some Nasty Clamps to capture some pretty amazing overhead footages (we hope) !





Photo: Benjamin "Von Wong"

Model: Suntory 

Makeup: Jessica Renahan

Assist: Kaleena Jay, Nadia Zheng


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Taken on April 21, 2012