Les Artisans d'Azure - Twilight

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    By this time the sun had finally hidden behind the clouds and I could finally overpower the sun to shoot this group photo. This time around, all elements were actually present (yes, we had people crawling over the roof!). I wanted to try something a little different so I actually shot the whole thing in four seperate shots to create a group panorama. Exploiting the fact that profotos at full power require 7 seconds of retouch time, I shot the subjects farther away first so that they'd be properly exposed and wouldn't expose the heroes closer to us! Friend and retoucher Chester Van Bommel (www.artsome.be) - one of the subjects that we'll be shooting in our Von Wong does Europe tour - www.indiegogo.com/vonwongdoeseurope actually helped put this whole thing together, photoshop & all. 

    Read the rest of the story here.


    Two weeks ago, I received a message from one of my fellow photographers Kelso, who told me that the folks over at Les Artisans D'azure were extremely interested in working with me. I've always been a huge medieval buff so I made some time in my crazy schedule and squeezed in a quick visit. When I got there, it was like being a kid in a toy store... I was running around having the time of my life checking out everything they had to offer. By the time I left the store, we had already set a shoot date, found ourselves an awesome location to shoot at as well as developped a vague story. By the evening, after a couple facebook shout-outs, we were at 20 models. 

    A couple days later, I had assembled my assistants, makeup and video crew. A week later, we had horses confirmed. A couple days after that,LL Lozeau agreed to sponsor about 40,000$ worth of profoto flashes for my shoot. A couple days before the shoot, we were at 55 confirmed participants... Things were going amazingly smoothly...

    The day before the photoshoot was a whole different matter... weather forecast announced -3 degrees the day before with snow, hail, 30km/hr winds and general unhappiness all around!!! Myself and a couple others set out to camp out the night before to get in some location scouting and planning and had a merry campfire in the wind, hail and more. Of course, no signal at the medieval village supplied by L'Atelier du Loisir meant that we had no idea how many people were actually going to show up the day of the shoot so we kept fingers crossed while huddling under the blankets.

    I was pleasently surprised to see over 80% of the people that had commited actually showed up under the cold rain to join us for this amazing photoshoot. We had the most amazing committed models trudging and shivering through rain and mud just to take a couple epic photographs.

    Here's one of those shots. 

     Be sure to check back soon... Behind the Scenes video by Laurence and her crew coming up soon :) 


    Costume Design: Les Artisans d'Azure - www.artisansdazure.com

    Samuel Tremblay Gagnon 

    Marc André Thibault

    Steeve Verville

    Maxime Turgeon

    Genevieve Cotineau

    Stephane Normandin


    Calimacil - www.calimacil.com
    L'Atelier du Loisir - www.gn.qc.ca
    LL Lozeau - Profoto flashes - www.lozeau.com

    Jessica Renahan, Lisa-Marie Charron, Patricia Lapointe

    Hair: Jazz Hairstylist, Manuelle Lessard

    Assist: Allison B., Jessika Chiasson, Nadia Zheng

    BTS Photography: Claude Campagna Lupien, Monique Guillbault

    Video: Laurence Turcotte-Fraser, Sael Simard


    Photoshop: Chester Van Bommel - www.artsome.be

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    1. Martin Barabe 36 months ago | reply

      Incredible picture, lots of details Reading the story behind the shot is a lot of fun too. I trully enjoy your work and hope one day i will be able to do something of this sort.

    2. Von Wong 36 months ago | reply

      Martin - check out our Europe tour project, I'm selling a bunch of tutorials to help fund the project!!


    3. Anakronik 36 months ago | reply

      Nice work as always ! :)

    4. Giò Tarantini 36 months ago | reply

      nice work indeed!

    5. RichardTerborg 36 months ago | reply

      way too awesome man!! still hope too see you in amsterdam hahaha some day? :)

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