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The Von Wong's... a 100 years back


So my mom's been bugging me, complaining that she has absolutely zero recent photos of her family despite the fact that her son is a photographer. Of course, this seemed like a great opportunity to goof around so I told my dad to build a time machine and my sister to go hunting for some old wardrobe and bang: Welcome to the Temple of Heaven in Beijing China. 




On a more serious note, I was actually giving my mom a photoshop lesson on masking, curves and textures as well as the beauties of the healing brush, clone brush and liquify. Not sure how much she kept up with but we had great fun and some nice mother son bonding time which is so rare on our busy agendas these days.




No fascinating shoots recently since I've been all caught up with weddings that you can quickly check out on my Facebook Fan Page. Planning on posting up an interesting self portrait to continue on my arms series hopefully over the next week. Stay tuned :) 

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Taken on June 13, 2011