EbA and COVID-19
How has ecosystem-based adaptation helped communities respond to COVID-19? Communities around the world are demonstrating that working with nature brings many benefits, including greater resilience to many of the pandemic’s impacts. As communities face sharp price changes in local markets, disrupted food supply chains and job losses, ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) approaches are providing respite and reliable sources of food and income, often also contributing to stronger ties within communities. EbA practices are also known as ‘nature-based solutions to climate change adaptation’.

This album includes numerous examples from a breadth of countries showing how EbA is helping communities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, kindly provided by members of Friends of EbA, or FEBA, an informal network of organisations keen to promote collaboration and knowledge sharing on EbA.

This collection was part of the discussions during the 14th International Conference on Community-based Adaptation (CBA14): www.iied.org/cba14-14th-international-conference-communit...

If any of these stories inspire or resonate with you, or if you have stories to add, please leave comments.

Find out more about the role of ecosystem management and restoration in climate change adaptation: www.iied.org/ecosystem-based-approaches-climate-change-adaptation
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