Edward Estlin Cummings; USA 1894-1962

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    Poet: Edward Estlin Cummings, USA, 1894-1962
    Poem: The hours rise - De uren rijzen
    Located: Nieuwe Rijn 36 (zijgevel Beschuitsteeg), Leiden
    Since: 1994 (nummer 23)
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    the hours rise

    the hours rise up putting off stars and it is
    into the street of the sky light walks scattering poems

    on earth a candle is
    extinguished the city
    with a song upon her
    mouth having death in her eyes

    and it is dawn
    the world
    goes forth to murder dreams....

    i see in the street where strong
    men are digging bread
    and i see the brutal faces of
    people contented hideous hopeless cruel happy

    and it is day,

    in the mirror
    i see a frail
    dreams in the mirror

    and it
    is dusk on earth

    a candle is lighted
    and it is dark.
    the people are in their houses
    the frail man is in his bed
    the city

    sleeps with death upon her mouth having a song in her eyes
    the hours descend,
    putting on stars....

    in the street of the sky night walks scattering poems

    (Sonnet IX from Tulips, 1922)

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