Black Mamas Bail Out & Homecoming Celebration 2017 - Atlanta
Photos by: Lovette Thompson & Taylor Janay Manigoult

The criminal legal system justifies money bail as a tool to hold individuals accountable. For our communities, money bail is another tool to keep our communities separated from their loved ones and inevitably push them into the criminal legal system. Black mothers and women, who are the backbones and support system of their chosen families, are especially affected. Isolating and removing Black mothers is a direct correlation to destabilizing our chosen families. While in these cages, Black mothers are more than often mistreated while isolated. As a result, they eventually return to their families and loved ones after suffering mistreatment and displacement.

In Atlanta, SONG members, Black Lives Matter members and other participating partner organizations bailed out 17 Black mamas and had a beautiful Homecoming Celebration!
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