Dr. Dr. Crash and Dr. Trash of m-a-u-s-e-r (micro architecture unit star energy ray) bring light into most complicated issues. They are the leader in an innovative approach to analytical investigation, which is called jetistics.

Jetistics reports revealing details and secrets of world’s most important periodical publications dealing with junk data. As evidence, the exhibition tracks and compares changes over time, showing overall trends and local details, analyzing patterns and breaks of junk.

What you see is what you jet: junk data, statistical landscapes, golden rate graphs, bumps charts, purchase waves, classical façade, trend analysis, random walks, empirical measurements, data paths, dot-dash plots.

Jetistics took place in the neo-neo-classicist Soldman Gachs Headquarters designed by m-a-u-s-e-r.

The analyzed top junk magazines of the world are Если (Esli), Fate, Galatasaray, Junk Jet, ニコラ (Nicola), Новости космонавтики (Novosti Kosmonavtiki), 宠物世界 狗迷 (Pet in the World. Dog Fans), Πτήση & Διάστημα (Ptisi & Diatsima) and Something Wicked.

Six different indexes, which helped to rate the junk magazines:
1. mischief index analyzes the width in relation to the height of the magazines.
winner: fate with a ratio of 1.5
loser: galatasaray with 1.2
2. the big mac index shows the relation of prices of the analyzed magazines.
winner: esli with 1 dollar 80
loser: novostiki kosmonavtiki with 19 dollars
3. the senority index not only gives insight into the age of magazines, but also into their tradition.
winner: fate with 62 years
loser: junk jet with 3 years
4.the reproduction index tells about the magazine's frequency, the creativity, the energy, and the fastness of their makers.
winner: pet in the world. dog fans. It is weekly
loser: junk jet, it is irregular
5. the route index visualizes the circulation of the magazines as distance when put next to each other.
winner: pet in the world. dog fans 1 million 750 thousand copies
loser: junk jet 555 copies
6. the most important index is the popularity index which shows the google hits for each magazine.
winner: nicola with one million 340 thousand hits
loser: junk jet with nine thousand one hundred and seventy hits

As a result they show that Junk Jet is the overall loser.
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